Cutaneous Continence Pouch

This is a series of thumbnails, edited sketches, pencil drawings and final Photoshop™ renderings of a Urological surgical procedure by Dr. Sia Daneshmand, OHSU Urology. Dr. Daneshmand has extensive experience in urinary diversion and reconstruction following surgical removal of the bladder (radical cystectomy) as well as nerve-sparing RPLND (retroperitoneal lymph node dissection) following chemotherapy for advanced testis cancer. He performs more radical cystectomies and RPLNDs per year than most surgeons on the west coast.

In this particular case a neo-bladder is made from Cecum and Ascending colon, primarily because of the usability of the appendix for a urostomy. I was impressed by this procedure because it is for a patient that was born without kidneys or a bladder. They were given a kidney transplant at birth but lived for several years without continence. Only a direct route of single ureter to stoma (via ileal conduit). This procedure gives the patient the ability to self catheterize every six hours or so.

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